Change Locks

When you're looking for a locksmith company to change a lock, you should always focus on dependability. If a locksmith isn't reliable or trustworthy, then you shouldn't hire him, period. The whole point of a lock is security. This is why Change Locks is such an important New York City business. Our locksmiths at Change Locks are highly experienced. When it comes to locks, there's pretty much nothing they don't know. They collectively have decades and decades of experience changing, replacing and installing locks. Those things are just the tip of the iceberg, too. Our locksmiths' skill levels are unparalleled. If you want a locksmith who is a wizard with a lock, Change Locks can come through for you, to say the very least. While a strong skill set is indeed important for success in the locksmith world, it's not the only vital element. Our locksmiths at Change Locks are all about efficiency. If you hire one of our technicians to change a lock in your apartment, you can always expect him to be the picture of professionalism. We go out of our way to ensure that our technicians are timely, friendly and helpful individuals. If you need top tier lock changing help in the New York City area, contact us at Change Locks for more information on our staff and services. We love talking locks.

Change Locks by Locks NYC

Operating throughout NYC and the surrounding metropolitan region, we're a locksmith company specializing in changing locks. Our team members have superior expertise in installing brand new deadbolts in homes and various residential properties including condos and apartments. Additionally, we service commercial buildings that utilize high-security entry systems. When installing new deadbolt locks in residential units, our professional locksmiths consider style and durability. Some attractive finishes of deadbolt hardware include bronze, brass, nickel and chrome. Stainless steel is usually selected for homes that have a contemporary interior design and modern facade. A single cylinder in a deadbolt lock offers mediocre security while two cylinders provide maximum security. Our technicians can explain all of the technical aspects of such door hardware. Customers are guarantee to fully understand the benefits of each type of deadbolt unit that we can install. For tech-savvy customers, we offer electronic entry systems that also feature deadbolt cylinders. Keypads are available for homes that are linked to alarm systems. Additionally, there are electronic deadbolt locks that work with Bluetooth technology. These types of locks send wireless signals to smartphones that must have compatible mobile apps. Instead of using metal keys to unlock a door, users have the option of touching a deadbolt and unlocking it instantly. Encryption is integrated into secure door locks that resist tampering by hand tools and cyber attacks by hackers.