High Security Locks

NYC expert locksmiths can help companies keep their property and belongings safe 24 hours a day. Experts have security cameras and alarms that alert them to a possible break-in, fire, or flood. The equipment they use is state-of-the-art, and it gives property owners peace of mind when they are away from the business. Another benefit to using an expert locksmith is the ability to have a patented key entry that makes it harder for burglars to penetrate. Using an expert takes the hassle and stress out of the business owners hands and puts it in the hands of the professionals. A locksmith can change the locks to a business, set-up security systems, and help install alarms and warning mechanisms in case of theft. Locksmiths provide lockout services and 24 emergency help. Experts also know now to install panic bars and buttons for banks and jewelry businesses in case of a burglary. They can install intercoms, keypads, and door closers that help increase security at any number of business large and small. Locksmiths can help people who have accidentally locked themselves out of their car, broke their key off in the ignition, and those who cannot get the alarm to stop sounding. Customers who need help programming a remote control for their car can even call a locksmith to help with that. There is a wide variety of reasons to have the number of a local expert on hand.

High Security Locks by Locks NYC

We install secure door locks in residential and commercial properties throughout New York City and the New York metropolitan area. Our specialty includes the installation of deadbolts that have been certified by the latest standards of the ANSI. Optimum security is guaranteed with heavy-duty deadbolts that prevent intrusions by burglars and thieves. Grade 1 locks are certified to resist penetration by hand tools such as ice picks, bars, hammers and screwdrivers. Doors that have grade 1 locks are safe from the most common types of break-ins. Our locksmiths make sure that deadbolts slide in and out smoothly. Additional measures of security include the installation of keyed handles, handsets, knobs or levers. By having two types of keyed entrances, a home or office minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. Our locksmiths also reinforce door hinges, jams, latches and strike plates in order to prevent tampering. For example, these components might have to be tightened with specialty screwdrivers. Additionally, lubrication is applied to ensure that door hardware operates smoothly without excessive friction that can lead to key jams and lockouts. One of the most types of secure locks that we install is an electronic one. Keyless entry systems communicate wirelessly with fobs or smartphones. Such door locks can only be unlocked when an encrypted signal is transmitted. Additionally, a master key is used as a backup form of entry for electronic deadbolt locks.