Dead Bolt

As a locksmith company operating in New York City and the vicinity, we employ highly-qualified professionals who provide reliable and prompt service. Our locksmiths boast a lot of valuable experience in working with deadbolt locks for homes and offices. You can count on our judgment to install the perfect hardware for your door. We only select the best type of deadbolt locks from top brands. Our technicians are capable of installing door locks that are manufactured by Kwikset, Schlage, Yale Security, Baldwin and many other companies. You can rely on extended manufacturer's warranties as well as guarantees on all of our work. If there is a need to repair deadbolt locks in a home or commercial property, you can rely on our expertise in this particular area. We employ locksmiths who have the skills to make minor fixes or major restorations to all types of deadbolt systems including those with double cylinders. Security is another priority in our deadbolt services for residential and commercial properties. You can be assured that only locks that meet ANSI ratings are used for installation. When new locks are installed, our technicians might have to drill some holes and make cutouts to insert new latches that can accommodate the opening and closing of deadbolt cylinders. After installation is done, the doors are tested for proper operation such as smooth retraction of the metal deadbolt cylinder.

Dead Bolt by Locks NYC

Our locksmith services in NYC include the repair and replacement of various types of deadbolt locks for residential or commercial properties. Once an appointment is set up, your lock can be fixed or replaced by our team of professionals. You don't have to worry about selecting the right type of door hardware during the installation process. We have extensive experience in choosing the ideal deadbolt locks depending upon the entrance of your home or building. Some top brands of deadbolts that we carry include Kwikset, Baldwin, Schlage and Double Hill. These manufacturers offer a variety of different finishes for deadbolt locks that are suitable for homes and businesses. The traditional single cylinder design is ideal for apartments, condominiums and townhouses. For extra security, a deadbolt lock with two cylinders can be installed. Some of the most popular types of metallic finishes of deadbolt locks include brass, bronze, chrome and nickel. Additionally, stainless steel hardware is available to match other contemporary decorations inside and outside a modern home. The actual deadbolt of a lock can extend for an inch or more into a door latch. Our professional locksmiths ensure that there is maximum contact between all of the appropriate hardware the opens and closes handles. Furthermore, we can drill additional holes in door frames to accommodate deadbolt locks that have multiple cylinders that meet rigorous ANSI security ratings.